we jetted cross country last night to attend ae's sister's wedding. We left around 7:30pm and chased the sunset the whole way, only losing the last flicker of light as we entered the LA basin.

along the way, my computer died. not a battery problem. It is dead. I have an appointment to take it to the Apple Store in Glendale tomorrow.

I am sitting in a Starbucks in Toluca Lake using ae's machine. Very Hollywood!


not what I was expecting

last night, we were all set to go see The Host with Joe. We had to race across town (because somebody continues to keep her own schedule no matter what). After making record time to the theater, we found out that the film was not showing due to the fact that the Full Frame Festival had just started. You think they would have mentioned that on their friggin' website which I had checked before leaving work which led to making the plans in the first place. (Just to be clear, of course they mentioned the festival, but not that the other movies would not be showing that evening) The Carolina Theater's [contact us] site is down, so I can't complain directly. Last time we went there, the popcorn machine was busted. The time before, the film broke. What is up with that place!

so, instead we heading down the street to Rue Cler and had very tasty martinis and some dang good soup and salad. Joe wasn't very hungry so he settled for the 3 course, fixed $ menu. Oh, and dessert for all!




I had a very enjoyable lunch today. I parked at Davis Library, returned a book, then I headed for Carrboro, walking through campus to Peabody, then down Cameron/College Ave to the Carrboro bike path, which led me to Nested, where I was picking up a couple of Carrboro t-shirts, using the gift certificate pm gave me for my birthday.

I then walked over to the Army/Navy store on Main Street, because I wanted to purchase the game of JARTS I saw in the window the other night. WEEEELLLLL, it turns out JARTS have really gone up in price, with this current set costing $125.00 The owner told me that is what collectors are paying. Oh well. I wanted to surprise my father with these. We used to play these when I was a kid. They don't call me ol' 3 toes for nothing!

Then on to pizza at Italian Pizzeria (3 slices today, I was starving!). Back to campus (all the while listening to the new Wilco on my iPod), dropped off a sandwich to ae, then back to work just a little late.



nuff said

from here.

I just can't help myself

Although I swore last year that I would stop buying tickets for Wilco everytime they are within a 3 state area, I regressed and bought ae and I tickets for their show in Charlotte in June.

Credit card was out before I knew what was happening. What is worse is that this will add to our already over booked and very busy June-July.

The kicker was that I have had a listen to the new album and I really like it and want to hear these songs live.


cool page

I like this page of links on Jonathan Lethem's website. basically just 25 numbers which you have to click to see what they are. It is funny, but when I was walking the dogs last night I was thinking I really need a new author/book to read and get into. My mind automatically went to Lethem, and when I checked his site this morning from work, it turns out he has a new book out.....Today!!! Good timing.



if you look up tragic in the dictionary, you should get a rundown of her life.

I thought the potholes on my street were bad!


I promise never, ever to use the phrase...

"I guess we are playing phone tag". Never.

El Laberinto del Fauno

saw Pan's Labyrinth last night. I give it a solid A. What I love about this movie is that this is the only place (this movie) that I would ever be exposed to this world, this imagination, this time period. It gives me hope that while I am slogging through my 9-5, folks are out there dedicated to these kinds of vision. Go see while you can.


happy birthday to me

I'm 37 today. Thanks mom for the knitting me a new hat!


The Departed

finally saw The Departed last night It was no Goodfellas, but it was fun. Dicaprio is exciting to watch and Matt Damon is very, very good. A lot of unneccessary violence and language, but hey, its South Boston. For me, any movie that keeps my attention for over 2.5 hours, surprises me several times at the end, and doesn't leave me with a sense of unfinished business, is money well spent.


air disaster

watched a show on PBS last night about SwissAir 111 that went down off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1998. The show was OK. I am always fascinated about how meticulously the investigators are able to put together wreckage from tiny, mangled pieces. The above photo is from TWA 800. The big difference in the recovery of this plane and SwissAir 111 is that TWA went down in very deep water. Incredible.

never a good thing

Durham Recants on Water Tests

I was wondering why ae and I kept setting off the metal detector at RDU.


unhappy meals...

I just finished Michael Pollan's essay in the Times. For me, the most informative section is his summary of guidelines at the end to how to eat more healthy with my fave being number 7. "Eat more like the French...it may not be the dietary nutrients that keep the French healthy (lots of saturated fat and alcohol?!, db-DAMN!) so much as the dietary habits: small portions, no seconds or snacking, communal meals -- and the serious pleasure taken in eating" That is a nice image.


love this commercial!

except in the version I like, the guy says "what, deranged deer?" during the game. Priceless

$150 we didn't need

we should start a dog accident fund, since it seems we are always a day away from a new emergency. Last night, Finn broke off her dewclaw (ouch!) and we had to drop her off first thing this morning at the vet for a quick sedation and clean up. We got home a few minutes ago, both a little groggy, but only one of us bandaged.

fyi, I can't recommend Parkwood Animal Hospital in Durham enough. They are friendly, professional, thorough, etc. thanks to Ross for the tip a few years ago.


I soooo don't watch....

college basketball anymore that this article seemed a bit foreign to me.

Interesting article...

in the New Yorker about how Doctor's prejudge your symptoms as you are describing them and they have around three diagnostic possibilities almost immediately. I find this to be the case often when I visit doctors and is one of the main reasons I have switched primary care physicians three times in the last three years.

On another note, ae and I just renewed our New Yorker subscription after a year hiatus and I am glad we did. I forgot how much I missed the small vignettes about books and movies. I am looking forward to more soon.


Two Cancellation Notices in One Day!

Warning: If you set up ebill to pay your bills over the internet, be sure that your spam filter is not catching the invoices. I received 2 phone calls to today asking me why I hadn't paid my bills since October. I checked my spam folder and sure enough, multiple invoices were sitting there.


Alabama cooking...

During our fall trip to Birmingham, we picked up a copy of Best of the Best from Alabama Cookbook (signed) for ae's mom. Before we wrapped the gift, I made a few photocopies of appealing recipes, and we have been most pleased with the results. Banana bread, pancakes, baked spaghetti, pecan pie, and most recently, Baked potato soup shared with friends on our snow day last week. Deeelish!


Lazy Sunday

Parnell and Samberg had nothing on ae and me this past Sunday. After a quick run to the local Dunkin Donuts (30 minutes round trip), and a walk with the beasts, it was a day filled with movies on the couch and more football watching than should be legal. Finished the night with Salty Dogs and pizza. My goodness.

(photo: ae, salty dog)