it happened at Target...

this evening, I went by Target to pick up a few items. When I arrived at the checkout, there was a young, Asian woman in line in front of me. I noticed a couple of things. She was very short (she came up to about my shoulders and she had on high heels) and that she had on a mini-skirt (one of those things that look like a cumber bun at top, then stripes towards the bottom). Anyway, while I am reading in the Enquirer about Matt Lauer's wife dumping him (losing his hair, I assume) she checks out and then it is my turn. After I pay, the cashier notices that the woman who was just here has left one of her bags. She asks me if I saw which way the woman went, and, after scanning both ways, I truthfully say no, but I add that if I see her in the parking lot, I will tell her. I head out, and scan the parking lot, and don't see her. So I walk to my car, and as I am unlocking the door, I see her sitting in her car, about 4 cars up and one row over. So I walk over to her car. I am usually very careful to be aware of how scary it can be to be a woman alone in many situations, so I approached on the passenger side. I sort of waved my hand at her, she looked up and genuinely looked frightened. I actually took a step back. I then made the mistake of asking her, kind of acting it out in fact, for her to put down her passenger side window. She gave me what we will call the universal symbol for no, not exactly dragging her finger across her throat, but something similar. I then decided to point to my Target bag, which I still had in my hand, and tried to mime shopping bag, left behind, something. She kinda caught on to that, but I think she thought I meant she had left her purse behind, because she looked around briefly and then pulled it up out of the passenger seat. During this time, I am moving around the front of her car towards her side of the car. She doesn't look all too happy, but she puts her window down about one inch. I tell her that she left a bag at the checkout. She thinks that the bag I am holding is hers, and she is telling me to put it down. Basically, she doesn't want to open the door while I am standing there. I correct her and tell her that no, not this bag, another bag back in the store. She finally nods, but I quickly realize that she is not going to get out of the car while I am standing there, so I give her my biggest, most innocent smile, wave, and walk back to my car. I can see in my mirror, that she has still not moved, and will not until I pull away. Which I do, and as I am passing through the stoplight at the far end of the parking lot, I see her crossing through the walk in front of the store. A couple of things to note. This all occurred at around 7:45pm (still light) in a very crowded parking lot. We were not isolated in the least. Second, all of this happened in less than a minute. As I am driving away, I am thinking of what a shitty world we live in that you can't even approach a stranger (man or woman) without them thinking that you are up to no good. and who can blame them. Watch CNN for five minutes if you don't believe me. So, I am hoping that we she gets inside and finds that she actually did leave behind a bag, she will be happy and grateful that someone took the time to help her. I am also worried that she will now be more trusting of strangers in the future, and the next time it might not work as well for her. I'm then thinking what shit it is for this woman to have to wear a mini skirt and high heels to shop in Target. Dammit. I should have gone to Wal-Mart.

ps. While I am writing this, I am watching the new Storytellers on VH1. If you have ever doubted the genius of this guy, I highly recommend it. His version of Brilliant Disguise, performed with his wife, will bring tears to your eyes.

RTP is neither happy or sad!

so says this. The only one I can agree on is Yonkers. I sure as hell get depressed every time I set foot there, which was daily between '93-'95. PS, I worked in this shopping center. Lovely, ain't it?

My new favorite baseball player

This guy is great. I watched exactly 2/3 of one inning last night, and this guy made 2 plays that would make this guy (okay, maybe this guy) envious. He uses a glove the size of a mitten. While I am on the subject, I also love the road uniforms. They look like t-shirts from a softball league. Again, I am an XL.


Redneck Riviera

You have got to love this place. I am surprised that when it comes to rankings of Sociology programs, it is not this place, then Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. The field work opportunities alone should bring students by the hay truck load. I went to a Bass Pro store that was the size of the Astro Dome, and tell you what, I loved it. I could have stayed in there for hours! There was a long queue to get into the store. I thought they were handing out gifts or something. No, it was the line to put out your cigarettes before entering. Priceless!

speaking of rednecks, you might think she is a liberal yankee or something, but tell you what, you put her against this guy in a race for chicken fried steak and sweet tea, all my money is on her!

also, if visiting, let me suggest the peanut butter pie at Hoskins!

Any suggestions on cleaning spit coffee from tv screen?

Katie Couric quote from this morning's opening segment on the Today show:

"Do Democrats hate Christians? That is what the man who might be your next President thinks"

Don't have the heart to go into all of this, but she is referring to this.

and by the way, GODDAMMIT!!!!!, the NUCLEAR OPTION is ending the majority needed to confirm judiciary nominees, NOT the democrats strategy for combating it. See JMM.

also, Katie Couric really freaks me out. I know she has had a hard time personally, though. This guy loves her!


uhhh......do you think?

harrassment charges against Bolton.

This is some blogging!

alt v cloud

Don't ever compare Alterman to Coulter!


Kudos to Joe Biden!

Although this is the guy responsible for this a$%hole (skeletons in the closet, anyone?) , he did a bang up job at the Bolton hearings yesterday, or at least what I was able to listen to on CSPAN from the office. He actually seemed to be getting mad that some of the Republicans on the committee were so stupid that they might vote to confirm. When he asked each of them would they, given the allegations, hire a guy like Bolton for their staffs, I thought Norm "Invisible Man" Coleman was going to wet his pants. I think the nomination is dead in the water. Now that people see that others are testifying, I think many who lacked the courage initially will be stepping forward. Of course, it might be hard to block the nomination when, I don't know, the Secretary of State is directing her staff to not cooperate with the investigators!!!!!! You heard it here first, well, actually here. Don't expect much follow up from the Post.



Savior ????

Possibly, read here and here.

almost famous

tell you what, if you hang out with this guy, things happen.

"Porn for Women"

Or so my peets calls this guy. There is a wall-size version of this picture in the Calvin Klein outlet store in Myrtle Beach. We are heading to MB this weekend, and she says, oh so innocently, "maybe we should swing by the CK store and see if they have any shirts for you." Yeah, right! I guess it bodes well for me that she is into baldness, so she will be happy with me for years to come.


American Hero

As if anybody needed any reminders of the horrors of this unjust and criminal war, here is another one. You can't not read about this woman and not be awe struck at her determination and love for others. She founded this. Too bad Bush is too stupid, too uncaring, and too boorish to ever give someone like her the Medal of Honor. I can only dream that if she was to get one, maybe her family would spit in his face before being hauled off by the secret service as enemy combatants. Of course, I can also look in the mirror and ask why this woman was actually doing something she believed in while I'm sitting around playing with a friggin' playstation.

Tiger Woods, cheating?

You decide. FYI, if Lasik ever becomes affordable, I'm on the table.

LARRY BROWN, rest in peace

I don't know how this slipped under my radar, but I found out last night that Larry Brown died almost 6 months ago from a heart attack. Even worse, I was dumb enough to ask poetica's boss after he told me about the heart attack, "Is he okay?", to which he responded, "Well, he's dead". This news is very sad to me. Although I had only read one book of his, I was a huge admirer. I liked everything about him, his attitude, his grit, his southerness. What I like more than anything, was that he basically was just a southern, redneck fireman, who decided that he wanted to write, and then did all the hard work necessary to make that happen. Then after he received some fame and fortune, he was still the exact same guy, Budwieser in hand, living the simple life in Mississippi. I first heard about Larry from Tim McLaurin, another southern writer who died tragically young, then from Rick Bass. Poetica's boss has highly recommended Larry's novel Fay, which I will pick up from the library as soon as I finish this.


James Wolcott on Rush Limbaugh, Blowjobs


Describe the band in one word..............."ME!" - Noel Gallagher

You gotta love Oasis. I have liked them since the moment I first heard Wonderwall. Then, after seeing the VH1 Behind the Scenes special, I was hooked (the music, the drama, the drinking, the drugs, the SUBTITLES). I see I am not the only one who still likes them. It must be hard for them to tour with this jacka%$ banned from most of the world's airlines.

I feel I am being unfaithful, but...

I am excited by this news!


I thought it smelled like Dr. Pepper in here

sticky wickets

Busy lunch sticking it to the man!

Between 11:30 am and 1:30 am, I stuck it to these guys so I could obtain one of these guys. I then had lunch with this woman at this place, then returned to work and gave the parking pass to this woman. Whew. I need a break....

jesus wept

I really don't think violent video games, tv, movies, and a culture of violence has any affect on us.

Da Vinci Code, understood

Thanks to my main man Stone Phillips ( a resident of here, which is close to here, where we used to live) I am now a master of the secrets of the Da Vinci Code! For those of you, like me, who are too jaded to read a popular best seller at the same time the rest of the world is reading it, here is a quick summary so you too can attain the status of Master:

The question at the center of the book is this - was Mary Magdalene the wife of Jesus, the mother of his daughter, and his closest disciple. For proof of this (and let us not get into how in Da Vinci's Last Supper the two center characters form the letter M), believers point out that the person to Jesus' right in The Last Supper could be a woman, and most likely Mary M. Well, I had not really looked at the picture very closely before, but obviously, the person to Jesus' right is a woman. So we will go with that for now. The other big question in the book is the secret society that has been around for years whose purpose is to protect the secret that Mary was indeed the wife, mother of child, and disciple to Jesus. So, after my peets arrives home mid-show, wrestles with the dingo in front of the tv, takes pictures and breaks the camera, and generally causes havoc with any tv watching (thank god for DVR!), we both have the same question, "If this is true about Mary M. and Jesus, how would Da Vinci know?" Not to worry, Stone does not let us down. It turns out that there seems to be proof that the secret society exists and Da Vinci was a member. This came about in the mid-1970's when a book was discovered in the French National Library that lists all this information, including a family tree tracing all the way back to Jesus, which shows that his blood line ran through the French Royal Family and ended with this guy. Unfortunatly, after running around claiming that Jesus was his great uncle or something like that, pages like this show up that show Christ's nephew had several stints in prison, and many believe that he is crazy, planted the book in the library, and no secret society every existed, blah, blah, blah.

Whether or not you believe any of this, you gotta hand it to Dan Brown for doing a little digging into a novel topic, and for hitting the jackpot in his timing, delivery, and marketing. I believe I will read the book, if it ever gets released in paperback, and I pull off the cover.


Love this show!

I know it is not really cool to say you like the American version over the British, but I do. Last night's episode was hilarious. In a quick synopsis, Michael (Steve Carell) is trying to downplay rumors of the company downsizing, so he decides to have a birthday party for the next employee who has one, which is next month. So while he spends the entire episode trying to come up with something funny and clever to put on the card (killed me! I've been there) Jim and Pam conspire against Dwight (Rainn Wilson) who wants to form a Survivor-esque alliance with Jim against the others in the whole downsizing scheme. Another subplot is that Michael donates $25 to a co-workers walk-a-thon participating son, and then chastizes the rest of the staff for putting down $2 and $3 before he realizes his donation is per mile. Finally, and in the funniest moment of the show, while they are all sitting around at the birthday party, trying to muster enthusiasm for a birthday that is over a month away, one of the employees turns to Ryan and says, "isn't today your birthday?" Ryan says "yes" and "don't say anything!". very, very funny!

Hey, I also taped a Frontline episode about Karl Rove for my peets. I told our friend Dave at softball last night that I was taping this and he said "Yeah, that is just what she needs!"


economic news

Thanks to the president for making us all just a little poorer.

You gotta love where I work

Here it is, 2:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon, and I could throw a set of steak knives up in the air over the office and nary a drop of blood would be drawn. The only conversation I have had is with a co-worker, via email, about which websites would give me the best insight on whether to buy a xbox or PS2. ahhhhhhh....

eeek. update. Another co-worker just asked for the company visa card to order clip art. Sounds fishy. will keep you posted


family portrait.

Age formula for pain years

while my co-workers slave away at their monitors, I sit at my desk feeling much like Issac Newton must have (well, execept for the computer, the desk, the building, the ac, etc.) as I have discovered a new formula to determine exactly how old you are (think one human year equals seven dog years) in pain years. So, here it is:

Pain years =
(Your current age) x (the number of hours practicing softball this weekend) divided by (the number of continental US states with a decimal point in front)

So, in my case, Pain years = [(35) x (1.2)] / (.48) = 87.5

So, I feel as though I am 87.5 today. And we have a game tonight! Rain, don't let me down!

Nostradamus, or Margaret Atwood?

MELISSA IS NO LONGER ALLOWED IN MY CUBICLE. So, Melissa wanders in this morning, all innocent like, and tells me that she has a friend in DC who has recommended a book to her. Okay, I am always interested in hearing about new books. Which book you ask? This one. So, I say, I have read that, as have a lot of people, what is the big deal. Melissa says read it again. okay, why? She says that she is reading about how this goverment owned, Genesis-based society came about. It was like this... all commerce was done on credit and not cash, so the government could just shut someone down if they wanted. (okay, little bead of sweat forming on my left temple as I remember how I used my debit card to buy a 75 cent diet soda yesterday) She then said the government in the book was able to create a society of fear by blaming many of their own atrocities on Islamic Fundamentalist (damp spot growing between my shoulder blades as I surf over to Fox News and read the latest TPM by O'Reilly). Finally, to make their own plan stick, they decide it is better to do away with the pesky constitution (full blown panic as I read about the new AG testifying to the merits of the Patriot Act). So, if you like being wet and shaky, we will all head over to Melissa's house next month for a book club meeting. YIKES! Want to be scared more? Read about these places, who receive all the same government funding that you and I do.


Construction Woes

Eyesh and I were wondering when they might finish the massive construction along NC 55 near where we live. It seems they were moving right along, until, I saw this on the web. Sorry babe, looks like June '06 before things will be wrapping up


If you might be wondering about the title of this blog, it all started....

Bolton Hearings

I have spent most of the morning trying to watch some of the hearings to nominate John Bolton as UN Envoy. A tedious exercise to say the least. I'm glad to see that Steve Clemons is offering blow by blow coverage of the hearings so that I might save my job! Be sure to check out Clemons' run up to today's posts, which gives you all the background you might need on why this is yet another outrageous and preposterous nomination by this administration.

My new favorite team!

What a sport, what a name! I love that Clint Mathis. If anyone is buying, I am an XL.

must we always ask a question when asked?

I attended a 3-day training seminar last week, that lasted only 4 hours each morning (Thank God!) I guess I learned a few things I didn't know before, but one thing I definitely learned was that my newest, biggest pet peeve is when people feel as if they must ask a question at the end of the day when the instructor asks "So, any questions?" I am packed up, halfway out the door, and someone always has to ask a ridiculous question that prolongs the madness. It is as if they just have to break the uncomfortable silence that ends a session. Jeepers!