Kudos to Joe Biden!

Although this is the guy responsible for this a$%hole (skeletons in the closet, anyone?) , he did a bang up job at the Bolton hearings yesterday, or at least what I was able to listen to on CSPAN from the office. He actually seemed to be getting mad that some of the Republicans on the committee were so stupid that they might vote to confirm. When he asked each of them would they, given the allegations, hire a guy like Bolton for their staffs, I thought Norm "Invisible Man" Coleman was going to wet his pants. I think the nomination is dead in the water. Now that people see that others are testifying, I think many who lacked the courage initially will be stepping forward. Of course, it might be hard to block the nomination when, I don't know, the Secretary of State is directing her staff to not cooperate with the investigators!!!!!! You heard it here first, well, actually here. Don't expect much follow up from the Post.


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