Love this show!

I know it is not really cool to say you like the American version over the British, but I do. Last night's episode was hilarious. In a quick synopsis, Michael (Steve Carell) is trying to downplay rumors of the company downsizing, so he decides to have a birthday party for the next employee who has one, which is next month. So while he spends the entire episode trying to come up with something funny and clever to put on the card (killed me! I've been there) Jim and Pam conspire against Dwight (Rainn Wilson) who wants to form a Survivor-esque alliance with Jim against the others in the whole downsizing scheme. Another subplot is that Michael donates $25 to a co-workers walk-a-thon participating son, and then chastizes the rest of the staff for putting down $2 and $3 before he realizes his donation is per mile. Finally, and in the funniest moment of the show, while they are all sitting around at the birthday party, trying to muster enthusiasm for a birthday that is over a month away, one of the employees turns to Ryan and says, "isn't today your birthday?" Ryan says "yes" and "don't say anything!". very, very funny!

Hey, I also taped a Frontline episode about Karl Rove for my peets. I told our friend Dave at softball last night that I was taping this and he said "Yeah, that is just what she needs!"


At 4/13/2005 10:08 PM , Anonymous Karl Rove Hayta said...

I hate Karl Rove.


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