Nostradamus, or Margaret Atwood?

MELISSA IS NO LONGER ALLOWED IN MY CUBICLE. So, Melissa wanders in this morning, all innocent like, and tells me that she has a friend in DC who has recommended a book to her. Okay, I am always interested in hearing about new books. Which book you ask? This one. So, I say, I have read that, as have a lot of people, what is the big deal. Melissa says read it again. okay, why? She says that she is reading about how this goverment owned, Genesis-based society came about. It was like this... all commerce was done on credit and not cash, so the government could just shut someone down if they wanted. (okay, little bead of sweat forming on my left temple as I remember how I used my debit card to buy a 75 cent diet soda yesterday) She then said the government in the book was able to create a society of fear by blaming many of their own atrocities on Islamic Fundamentalist (damp spot growing between my shoulder blades as I surf over to Fox News and read the latest TPM by O'Reilly). Finally, to make their own plan stick, they decide it is better to do away with the pesky constitution (full blown panic as I read about the new AG testifying to the merits of the Patriot Act). So, if you like being wet and shaky, we will all head over to Melissa's house next month for a book club meeting. YIKES! Want to be scared more? Read about these places, who receive all the same government funding that you and I do.


At 4/12/2005 3:54 PM , Anonymous ae said...

Damn skippy, Smalls!! Nice post. Let's reread that book.

At 4/14/2005 10:30 AM , Blogger Angel, librarian and educator said...

I plodded through Atwood's book, and I mean plodded. While the ideas in it are intriguing, and to a certain extent very possible (so possible it is eerily familiar), her prose is probably among the worse texts I have read. It is a slow and heavy book. If you want to read about dystopian societies (or how this one could go to hell in a hurry), Orwell makes a better read. Atwood may have the fundamentalist element down, but the torture of reading it makes it easier to just get the Cliff Notes.

At 3/20/2006 10:14 PM , Blogger Ruby said...

If you think THAT's creepy, read Atwood's latest book. "Oryx & Crake" is about the consequences of genetic engineering in a society where the rich live behind walls protecting from them the unwashed masses.

Half of it is already true and the rest is about 6 months away.


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