Redneck Riviera

You have got to love this place. I am surprised that when it comes to rankings of Sociology programs, it is not this place, then Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. The field work opportunities alone should bring students by the hay truck load. I went to a Bass Pro store that was the size of the Astro Dome, and tell you what, I loved it. I could have stayed in there for hours! There was a long queue to get into the store. I thought they were handing out gifts or something. No, it was the line to put out your cigarettes before entering. Priceless!

speaking of rednecks, you might think she is a liberal yankee or something, but tell you what, you put her against this guy in a race for chicken fried steak and sweet tea, all my money is on her!

also, if visiting, let me suggest the peanut butter pie at Hoskins!


At 4/25/2005 7:03 PM , Anonymous Country Fried Steak Lover said...

That guy is going down!! Wimp.


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