endorsing endorsements

I love this commercial. One of my faves of all time. Perfect mix of music, style, action, McEnroe.
The shoes that Mac is wearing in the spot are my favorite pair ever. I only owned one pair back in 1985 (sniff) but have always been on the lookout for them. Nike seems to be coming out with retro styles now, so maybe, just maybe.

I remember being in a tennis shop in Lake George, NY with ae and my cousin Terry and the sales guy was on the phone with his Nike rep saying "So if I was John McEnroe, I wouldn't be able to get a pair? Is that what you are saying?"

I guess that was what he was saying.


At 4/14/2006 11:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

now wait a gol'durned minute: you LIKE McEnroe but DON'T LIKE his egomanialcal-spirit-doppelganger barry bonds? two pods in exactly the same pod, non? and did i mention that lance drugstrong gamed the Tour all seven years?


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