Eyes are Windows to the (Macbook)Pro

We are seriously considering buying a new Apple Macbook Pro. Having just returned from an international interactive festival, we were deluged with folks pulling out there nice and new and shiny powerbooks and the like. BTW, if you want to bring a room of young and hip techies to their knees, pull out a used, IBM thinkpad. Man oh lord, the looks. Plus, if Ayse is going to get serious about this computer stuff, she needs cutting edge equipment. Anyway, after doing a little research on the web, it seems the big question about the new intel Macs is whether they can run certain programs efficiently, such as Windows XP and Photoshop. I had a look over on Slashdot and it seems like somebody over has mastered the problem, but now it seems that his only proof are some pictures he took that are highly questionable. Not to me, but to the folks on the site. Now, as Slashdot often does, the article is about 5 pages down. So, the question remains, buy now or wait until this fall when the new intel problems have been addressed? It looks as if somebody fixed the problem, and I don't think they are retarded at all.


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