Great news, well, except for that one guy...

873 make it off A380 in 90 seconds -- with one broken leg

If things go my way, I will get to fly in the a380 sometime in the near future. I foresee a couple of problems. Because of its size, I doubt it will be making many local runs that we so often (RDU-ATL, RDU-DFW) occupy. Also, I am not sure how many US carriers have ordered them.

I watched the making of a380 on Megastructures a couple of months ago. Truly fascinating tv. They had to build a special airplane just to move parts for the a380 around. And since the plants are scattered all over Europe, when they finally all get to France for final construction, they have to truck them through these small towns in the French countryside where they are literally scraping the walls of ancient buildings and churches. That is going to be tough going when they start building the 150 or so orders they currently have.

But, what is a 2000 year old cathedral to me when I can cram in with 800 other folks in a flying warehouse. True bliss.


At 4/14/2006 11:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i tell you what, you'll need every one of the 800 seats on this plane, and a whole row of them on the runway, to accommodate all the dna lab techs arriving with incontrovertible proof that lance drugstrong doped every one of his seven Tour "wins" when the Int'l Cycling Federation finally decides that the truth must out.


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