'Grotesque Figure'

Since I don't have the time or the desire (for now) to synthesize all of my thoughts about Bonds, I will provide some of the better quotes I see for your viewing pleasure. This guy nails it.

True, Bonds is the very worst personality type, the bully who sincerely believes he is a martyr, and we should count ourselves lucky that such a grotesque figure has confined his damage mostly to the baseball diamond. But this is partly what makes him a fascinating study. He is an angry black man who has been deprived of the commercially and even socially acceptable outlets for black anger in American culture, those attitudes that now fly under the banner of hip-hop. As a baby boomer, Bonds is a little too old to play at gangsta; as a product of San Carlos, he's a little too culturally white. When he affects a racially charged attitude, the results are nonsensical. "Hey girl, what's up?" he says into the answering machine of his mistress, a woman he will come to threaten, and in one instance, physically intimidate. "Kim, hey—who is trying to get in on my shit? No niggah's trying to get in on my shit. Don't have me kill a niggah. Ha ha ha—later, girl. I'm on my way to San Diego, but I'm still getting the pussy, ha ha! Welcome to the penthouse!" To a reporter who wanted to ask him about his grand jury testimony, Bonds raised his fist and cried, "Black Power!" - Stephen Metcalf, Slate.com (March 31, 2006)


At 4/14/2006 4:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

has anyone mentioned that maybe you ought to ask yourself why you're not willing to take a hard look at lance drugstrong's gaming the tour to win that sport's ultimate record? hmmm. makes one wonder, doesn't it....


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