I guess he is a star...

I just noticed that Kottke does not mention SXSW once on his blog. Not once! He gave the keynote address! His only mention of Austin at all is a mention of the weather (he links to Yahoo weather). His co presenter, Heather Armstrong, has tons of posts about SXSW, as does her husband, as does everybody else that was involved.

Quick aside. We are sitting in the Austin Convention Center waiting for the Kottke/Armstrong talk to start and I turn to Ayse and ask "So, who is this Jason Kottke?" Ayse shushes me and says not to say something like that out loud at a blogging conference.

I had never heard of him. Now, he and only he, will choose the books I read.

You guys should check out this cool new site I just discovered called boing something. :)


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