oh, snaaaaaaaap !!!

our travel evolution is complete. Four years ago, we belonged to the group that would only carry- on luggage. If it wouldn't fit in the overhead, we didn't need it. So, our travel gear consisted of mainly beat up duffle bags (orange in color, no less) and large backpacks that we have had since college (mine, still with a sticky pocket from the honey packet that opened while I tried to make a sandwich while I waited for ae to sprint through the Louvre.) Two years ago, on a magical Christmas morning, we joined the ranks of garment bag owners. A big day for us indeed for it marked our giving up all control over our baggage and handing it to the airplance cargo gods. For practice, we allowed strangers to carry our grocery bags to our car for us. Results were mixed. Our big, blue bag holds all kinds of hangupables, but not good for shoes, wine, kitchen sinks, etc. Now we are whole. We will each check a bag and we can pack until our hearts are complete. No more dark brown shoes and shorts for me! And yes, although it is now twice as likely that we will have one of our bags lost on a trip, did I mention that our new baby is friggin' AQUA BLUE!!!!!!!

the happy author with baby


At 3/29/2006 2:28 PM , Anonymous ae said...

smalls, is that your good pair of traveling sweatpants? ;->

At 3/29/2006 2:31 PM , Anonymous ae said...

P.S. You and your baby look v. happy together!


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