"White America doesn't want him to (pass) Babe Ruth and is doing everything they can to stop him," says Leonard Moore, director of African and African-American Studies at Louisiana State University. "America hasn't had a white hope since the retirement of (NBA star) Larry Bird, and once Bonds passes Ruth, there's nothing that will make (Ruth) unique, and they're scared. And I'm scared for Bonds.

"I think what he'll go through will be 100 times worse than what Aaron went through" when he surpassed Ruth in 1974. "I pray for him every night." - USA TODAY

I, in turn, will pray for you Mr. Moore so that you might stop making such stupid statements. Maybe a quick prayer for LSU, too. Jesus.

More on Bonds later...


At 4/14/2006 11:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you see not the log in your eye, smalls, as you plague bonds for the mote in his. how about you turn some energy to reviewing the evidence that shows, at odds of about one trillion to one in favor of his guilt, that lance drugstrong doped the whole way through the Tour?


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