Another relaxing Saturday. Early wakeup, which includes dragging ae out of bed much earlier than she is accustomed to. I have never seen such a cranky face. Then a quick stop at Starbucks, then I-40 West to Greensboro. I try to visit my grandmother at least twice a month. I speak to her on the phone at least 3 times a week. To me, she is fun, outgoing, and unpredictable. She can also be mean, accusatory, and selfish. I try not to blame her for much because a. she is 83 b. she has lived by herself for over 10 years c. she survived a near fatal illness 3 years ago d. she is estranged from both her children (my mother and uncle, from whom, in turn, I am now estranged. Uncle and his family, that is, not my mother). My younger cousins, whom I was quite close to growing up, are married and have kids. I have never met their spouses or their children. One cousin actually lives in the greater Austin area (I'm pretty sure). ae and I were talking about how funny it would have been if we would have run into him. Well, not funny ha ha, but..

So, a fairly routine visit this time. Lunch (yaaaay Panda Inn),
Petsmart for multiple bags of cat litter and birdseed (my back!) and then a quick exit around 3 pm so we can get home to the dogs.

We drove home through intermittent rain showers. At around 5 pm, I decided to brave the weather and take the dogs for a walk (ae was watching Malcolm X in the back bedroom). It was a choice decision. In between the rain showers, the light was perfect and the whole neighborhood smelled like dryer sheets. I looped around the block one extra time just to continue the experience.


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