"...the waitress down at the Lantern"

If you have not listened to Hotel Lights, I highly recommend them. It's funny how I came to listening to them again on a regular basis. Ayse first discovered this band last year when she went to see the lead singer of the Be Good Tanyas over in Raleigh. They opened up and Ayse really loved them. She bought the cd and we both listened to it regularly. As a side note, I was driving with Ross to a training, and told him about the band and showed him the cd. He looked at the liner notes and pointed out the James Helper is thanked. James is the IT guy in our building, and a member of a band himself. James told me that he had loaned his drum set to Hotel Lights when they were getting started. Anyway, sometime late last fall, they fell completely off my radar. I didn't listen to them, I didn't think about them, the cd is lost (but the songs remain on my itunes). This last week at SXSW in Austin, Kirk mentioned that he was going to see some NC bands, like Hotel Lights. I had an "oh yeah" moment, and have been listening to their cd all week.

They have a song that includes the line" like the waitress down at the Lantern." The Lantern is, by far, my favorite restaurant in the Triangle. Unfortunately, I can count the number of times I have been there on three fingers on my left hand. I believe that from this day forward, I should eat there once a week until I find the waitress the song refers to.


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