whitey ford???

I was all set to pen my post about my choice for greatest baseball pitcher of all time when Ross walks into my cube and says "Don't forget Whitey Ford!" Is he kidding me? This led to me changing my post to greatest pitcher of the modern era. I mean, I really don't know how to compare today's pitchers with Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Satchel Paige. Anyway, my choice is coming soon. Hint: It ain't Gene Garber!

I can peek with one eye now...


music news...

set your Tivo.

Wilco on Conan on May 12th.

Pearl Jam on Letterman on May 4th.

balancing act

I'm a little tired this morning. It is hard to sleep when you sick sweety tries to cuddle with you in bed. Between all the sneezing, coughing, and Vicks vapor rub aroma that would stop a charging bull at 30 paces, I was pinned so far on my side of the bed that the only thing holding me up was the one grey hair growing out of my ear that the barber refuses to trim. On top of that, Finn doesn't like her dog food, so she refuses to eat at dinner time, preferring to hold out until 3:00am when she decides to crunch and smack with the gusto of someone having a prime rib dinner. I was waiting for Katie to walk over and offer her a wine selection. yawn.


travellin' man

I have lived in the following locales in chron order from birth

Winston-Salem, NC
Raleigh, NC
Tuckahoe, NY
Chapel Hill, NC
Carrboro, NC
Raleigh, NC
Madison, WI
Greensboro, NC
Charlottesville, VA
Chapel Hill, NC
Durham, NC

36 years, 18 homes, 9 cities,.....4 1/2 personalities??

I believe we will live in either CA or the Pacific NW at some point (together that is, ae lived in CA while I was in WI)

I don't really ever see us in the SW.


just finished a 2-day finance training course at my alma mater. Instead of joining my classmates for lunch today, I walked over to the main campus. I grabbed a quick bite at the snack bar beside my freshman dorm and walked through the free expression tunnel (above) towards the library (the same walk I did everyday 18 years ago. wimper). I worked in this library in the late 90's and as a freshman, with my roomate, used to climb the skeleton of the tower as it was being built to sit on the roof and drink beer (the staircase was built, we just had to climb in pitch blackness). Everything looks the same. The buildings. The students. The bricks! Some of the same old feelings arose in me while here. Much in the same way that certain weather, such as after a cold front in the fall, hot sunny days in the summer, that bring me back to my childhood. Alone tonight. ae visiting a friend in Charlotte. I always seem to grab a Rick Bass book when alone like this. I feel like I have made a transition from waiting to start my adult life to being an active participant in my adult life.



I finished Shadow of the Wind this past weekend. After the 3 book frenzy during the Austin trip, things cooled off and this book dragged on for awhile. After all the work and house related problems that have arisen, I have only been able to set aside about 1 hour each Saturday for reading. As for the book, it wasn't quite as good as I was expecting, or that the beginning seemed to indicate. Not really a spoiler, but I pegged who the shadowy figure was on about page 10 and I didn't like when the author went into 50 page sub-stories told by someone other than the main character. It seemed to kill the narrative flow. Did he write this book? (inside joke).

So now, I am 50 pages into this, and this awaits.


Bonds wins another award!!

Whine of the Week!

In our opinion, few people are more annoying than self-absorbed megalomaniacs without an ounce of sympathy or empathy for their fellow humans who launch into crying jags at their own misfortunes.

Dreams do come true !!!

JetBlue to add RDU to route!

I have wanted to fly JetBlue for years now. I read the CEO's biography last year and really liked it. Plus, he wears a Casio calculator watch like I have, so he must be cool, right? Dang, when we made our reservations to fly SFO in July, I tried to talk Ayse into driving to Richmond, VA so we could take JetBlue. Stupid planning ahead!


good essay about Bonds



Bonds is a self-absorbed, unlikable person who has an adversarial relationship with the world at large, and he has (almost certainly) used unethical, unnatural means to accomplish feats that actively hurt baseball. His statistical destruction of Ruth is metaphoric, but not in a good way. It's an indictment of modernity, even for people who don't give a damn about the past or the present.

Bonds probably doesn't care about any of this, and I'm not necessarily certain he should. But the rest of us are left in a curious quandary: How do we reconcile a massive, momentous achievement that is neither wholly real nor socially good? In a vacuum, Bonds might be the greatest hitter who ever lived. But we don't live in a vacuum. We live in the world.


Maybe we should have gotten on Bush about this war thing?

Chirac to Replace Youth Jobs Law


Ok, that is one down, one to go.


what have we done?



I just heard Orson for the first time on KCRW. Man alive, are they good. You can hear 3 songs (including my new favorite song of all time 'Bright Idea') on their myspace page.

The site claims that all 5 members share the exact same birthday- July 4th 1977.

hmmm. Where did they meet? Chuck E. Cheese's??

He probably used a hockey stick for balance

Of course, that is another story.

Along those lines, Go Badgers!!!


"the traffic was a state"

I listened to the Arctic Monkeys on my lunchtime walk today. It sounds like a mix of Green Day and They Might Be Giants (click this link. It is funny!). My early impression is that the vocals are not enough to keep me coming back (unlike Snow Patrol), but I will try to keep it in regular rotation for awhile.

Thanks Don! I will never think of one of my favorite sitcoms growing up in the same way again.

Overheard today in the barber shop:
"There are a lot of 49 year old single women out there. (Pause) At least I hope there are"

Also, overheard in the barber shop:
db: "Give me the Ross White!"

the kid ran with it!


[Photo: sportsillustrated.com]

Reminder to self: Pearl Jam plays SNL on Apr. 15th

Cool. If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, Has there ever been a band
that has gotten more traction off of one hit album other than Pearl Jam? Okay, I know, Vs. was a hit too. But still. I bet I am the only person in the country that has listened to Riot Act all the way through. They were, and still are, one of my top 3 favorite bands.

Pearl Jam memory. ae and I drove to Maryland to see them in concert in '98. We were staying in a hotel south of d.c. (don't ask me why). I was ready to hit the road running after the show. when they hit the first note of 'yellow ledbetter', I grabbed ae and ran. I bet we were 3/4 of the way around the beltway before the song ended. Ben Harper opened.

Good riddance..

no tears shed over this news. I worked for her as a temp for about 6 months in 2002. Twice, I was passed over for jobs that were made permanent by her. Jobs that I was doing at the time. No explanation, nor the decency to tell me herself. My co-temp and friend Annie hated her as well. Apparently she was extremely rude to Annie a couple of times. Anyway, she is off to Wake Forest. I hate to see this happen to such a nice area.


you heard it here first. I predict that not one Duke lacrosse player will be convicted of serious charges. I don't know what I am basing that on. It's not like sports figures get preferential treatment when it comes to these type of allegations.

I will bet the only charges, if any, are against me for illegally using this picture.


just in case you don't have something better to do...

like sleep! Stay up late and see something odd.


two sides to every story...

Unfortunately, for a lot of folks around here, UNC women's team lost last night in the national semifinals. Take a look at the two different descriptions that you get from a local news organization and a national organization about the final seconds involving Ivory Latta.

Local (WRAL TV) :

Latta, the junior guard who finished second in The Associated Press player of the year balloting, fouled out with .7 seconds remaining when she wrestled Coleman to the ground. She walked off to an ovation and a hug from coach Sylvia Hatchell and watched quietly as the Terps celebrated on the sidelines.

National (King Kaufman, Salon.com(free site pass might be needed)) :

If Ivory Latta's body slam of Marissa Coleman in the final seconds of North Carolina's semifinal loss to Maryland Sunday night had happened in a men's game, it would have started a brawl.

Latta, playing hurt in a losing effort, was frustrated and she committed a stupid, violent, dangerous act. In the game's final seconds, hopelessly behind, she reached both arms around Coleman, who had collected a rebound, wrestled her for the ball and, as the referee's whistle finally sounded, threw her to the floor. Coleman wasn't hurt and, aside from some scattered boos, there was no real reaction.

If Latta and Coleman were men, we'd still be talking about the fight Latta started, the breakdown in civilized behavior in basketball and whether Latta should be banned for life.

Instead, the Associated Press report of the game described the takedown this way: "Latta also missed a desperation 3-pointer with 21 seconds to go then missed again with 2.8 seconds to play and fouled Marissa Coleman as both players fell to the floor."

Yeah, players often both fall to the floor when one is performing an atomic drop on the other.

duality of dooce

I find it quite amusing that dooce criticizes the new HBO show 'Big Love' in a post, and right on top of her site sits a big ad titled 'Big Praise for Big Love' .

I like the show. Last night, ae was more entranced with the computer than usual, so I was actually able to hear some dialogue over the "grunts, huffs, spits, fuck yous" that usually accompany the viewing.

My advice to the show: Stick with Bill's interaction with the compound, and less with his interaction with his 3 wives.

But hey, if you don't get HBO, you can read Margene's (the youngest and newest wife) blog.


Something happened to me at lunch today that has never happened before. After thoroughly checking my three favorite radar sites, I was sure I had found a window in which to walk to lunch while dodging the storms in the area. I made it most of the way until I was crossing in front of a gas station and a car went by and splashed a puddle all over me. I was drenched. I couldn't have been wetter if I jumped in the shower fully clothed. The funny thing was that I then walked into Subway soaking wet and carrying an umbrella. I am surprised
somebody didn't tell me that umbrellas work better when open. Jeez, I have to provide both the props and the punchline?