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Unfortunately, for a lot of folks around here, UNC women's team lost last night in the national semifinals. Take a look at the two different descriptions that you get from a local news organization and a national organization about the final seconds involving Ivory Latta.

Local (WRAL TV) :

Latta, the junior guard who finished second in The Associated Press player of the year balloting, fouled out with .7 seconds remaining when she wrestled Coleman to the ground. She walked off to an ovation and a hug from coach Sylvia Hatchell and watched quietly as the Terps celebrated on the sidelines.

National (King Kaufman, Salon.com(free site pass might be needed)) :

If Ivory Latta's body slam of Marissa Coleman in the final seconds of North Carolina's semifinal loss to Maryland Sunday night had happened in a men's game, it would have started a brawl.

Latta, playing hurt in a losing effort, was frustrated and she committed a stupid, violent, dangerous act. In the game's final seconds, hopelessly behind, she reached both arms around Coleman, who had collected a rebound, wrestled her for the ball and, as the referee's whistle finally sounded, threw her to the floor. Coleman wasn't hurt and, aside from some scattered boos, there was no real reaction.

If Latta and Coleman were men, we'd still be talking about the fight Latta started, the breakdown in civilized behavior in basketball and whether Latta should be banned for life.

Instead, the Associated Press report of the game described the takedown this way: "Latta also missed a desperation 3-pointer with 21 seconds to go then missed again with 2.8 seconds to play and fouled Marissa Coleman as both players fell to the floor."

Yeah, players often both fall to the floor when one is performing an atomic drop on the other.


At 4/05/2006 10:40 PM , Blogger Ruby said...

That "body slam" bullshit is a complete fabrication. What it looked like to me was that Ivory just wouldn't let go of the ball as the other player was fell down. Ivory landed on top of her, that doesn't mean she threw her down.

Anyway, your point is well-made. That's why I try to only listen to the commentators on the Tarheel Sports Network, even when I watch the game on TV.

At 4/14/2006 11:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

here are two stories to compare:
(a) lance armstrong is an american hero, and we should all faint in his magnificent presence just after electing him to the US Senate from Texas on the GOP ticket, or (b) this self-promoting drug-fueled Tour gamer finally cops a plea and slinks away to hide shamefully under a rock for the rest of his pathetic wife-with-cancer-divorcing-so-he-can-hang-with-rock-star life on the W "Ranch" in Crawford Tejas.


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