American Idol is an absolute joke

the fact that Chris is off the show proves to me what a complete waste of time this show is. I am only sorry that I invested more than 5 minutes. I guess we can see Chris locally, check out his band site here. Other than that, good riddance to AI. You suck.

Follow up: I feel a little better for Chris this morning after reading articles on the web. It is pretty much a universal feeling that losing is the best thing that could have happened to Chris' career. Having American Idol stamped in front of his name would have ruined him. Not sure he sees it that way right now, but hopefully that is the case. Apparently, a couple of high profile rock bands want him as their lead singer.

Anyway, that is it forever about this ridiculously rigged popularity contest. I sure would like to see the results posted, but no way would they do that. ae did point out how disconcerning it is that I am upset over this vote but let the last 2 presidential elections slide with nary a wimper. point taken.


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