Let's change global warming perceptions locally!

I have noticed several times over the past few weeks, both on radio and TV, local ads that mention summer in one way or another. Usually they will say something to this effect: "Summer is here, days are longer, you will be outside more enjoying the weather" yada, yada. This entire idea is based on the summers we used to know as kids. Now, who amongst us can stay outside for more than 20 minutes without seriously worrying about dehydration or sunstroke? Basically, summers are no longer to be enjoyed. They are to be endured until we get a break from the heat, which used to come in September, but now can't be truly counted on until November.


is it just me, or do the French have better fashion sense?

just don't call this guy "a son of Harkis" if you don't want him to introduce your sternum to your spine.


a taste of Wilco live

here. Man, are they ever going to change their version of "Misunderstood"? "nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, etc." Does anyone know how to convert streaming audio to something downloadable?

why did he do it?

I can only imagine that it was something said to him, in this match or maybe a cumulation of previous matches. Maybe he knew this was his last chance to get back at this guy before he retired. Who knows. He was fun to watch. I don't feel any different about him now. I love a bald guy doing well.

Update: better article here. Watch here.