good '08 presidential rundown

breaking rule number 1 for me, I read Alterman's rundown of the '08 democratic presidential hopefuls. I think Gore should run, although I know it might be too much for him to take to win it again and never sit in the oval office. Too much for all of us to take, that is. If that is the case, Hillary scares me (but is the best chance ever to have a woman president or what?), Obama has fallen off the radar, and Wes Clark never appealed to me. That leaves John Edwards, which according to the article, has the best shot except for:

Sadly, for Edwards and for common sense, the biggest question is whether he looks old enough. Last time around he looked to be barely 30. People need to be reassured by a candidate’s face since for many of them, that’s all the information they need to know to chose their favorite. Edwards needs to start dying his hair a little gray and have some plastic surgery to add a few lines to his face. Alas, I am not kidding.



At 8/15/2006 8:02 PM , Anonymous ae (arse poetica) said...

We live in a deeply unserious country. Bunch of "American Idol" voters. Give me a damn break. If this ignorant, warmaking, buffoonish National Beer Buddy doesn't compel people to Take.This.Shit.Seriously. from now on, I cannot fathom what could.


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