a little disappointed...

in last night's Rescue Me finale. First of all, the scene when they stop by the Ground Zero memorial seemed a little forced and the dialogue a little contrived. Then, (spoiler alert) to end the season with Tommy and what's her name in the burning house seemed a tad convenient. Let me guess. Since Tommy had just broken her heart and her dreams of them living together out on Long Island, and because of the way the show treats women, I can only thinkTommy will walk away and old what's her name will die. Seriously, since they only refer to women in derogatory terms, I can't think of their names. So, we only have one more disc of season 1 remaining, and all of season 2. The trick will be to see if we can space out season 2 over the next 11 months so that we don't have serious withdrawl symptoms. My bet is that we lose patience and watch the entire season in one rain and beer soaked weekend. ok, maybe ae will have a Zima.


At 9/01/2006 8:26 PM , Anonymous ae said...

I've never had a Zima in my life! (What exactly is Zima?)

Maybe ae will have mojitos, you mean.


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