if you look up tragic in the dictionary, you should get a rundown of her life.

I thought the potholes on my street were bad!


I promise never, ever to use the phrase...

"I guess we are playing phone tag". Never.

El Laberinto del Fauno

saw Pan's Labyrinth last night. I give it a solid A. What I love about this movie is that this is the only place (this movie) that I would ever be exposed to this world, this imagination, this time period. It gives me hope that while I am slogging through my 9-5, folks are out there dedicated to these kinds of vision. Go see while you can.


happy birthday to me

I'm 37 today. Thanks mom for the knitting me a new hat!


The Departed

finally saw The Departed last night It was no Goodfellas, but it was fun. Dicaprio is exciting to watch and Matt Damon is very, very good. A lot of unneccessary violence and language, but hey, its South Boston. For me, any movie that keeps my attention for over 2.5 hours, surprises me several times at the end, and doesn't leave me with a sense of unfinished business, is money well spent.