we jetted cross country last night to attend ae's sister's wedding. We left around 7:30pm and chased the sunset the whole way, only losing the last flicker of light as we entered the LA basin.

along the way, my computer died. not a battery problem. It is dead. I have an appointment to take it to the Apple Store in Glendale tomorrow.

I am sitting in a Starbucks in Toluca Lake using ae's machine. Very Hollywood!


not what I was expecting

last night, we were all set to go see The Host with Joe. We had to race across town (because somebody continues to keep her own schedule no matter what). After making record time to the theater, we found out that the film was not showing due to the fact that the Full Frame Festival had just started. You think they would have mentioned that on their friggin' website which I had checked before leaving work which led to making the plans in the first place. (Just to be clear, of course they mentioned the festival, but not that the other movies would not be showing that evening) The Carolina Theater's [contact us] site is down, so I can't complain directly. Last time we went there, the popcorn machine was busted. The time before, the film broke. What is up with that place!

so, instead we heading down the street to Rue Cler and had very tasty martinis and some dang good soup and salad. Joe wasn't very hungry so he settled for the 3 course, fixed $ menu. Oh, and dessert for all!




I had a very enjoyable lunch today. I parked at Davis Library, returned a book, then I headed for Carrboro, walking through campus to Peabody, then down Cameron/College Ave to the Carrboro bike path, which led me to Nested, where I was picking up a couple of Carrboro t-shirts, using the gift certificate pm gave me for my birthday.

I then walked over to the Army/Navy store on Main Street, because I wanted to purchase the game of JARTS I saw in the window the other night. WEEEELLLLL, it turns out JARTS have really gone up in price, with this current set costing $125.00 The owner told me that is what collectors are paying. Oh well. I wanted to surprise my father with these. We used to play these when I was a kid. They don't call me ol' 3 toes for nothing!

Then on to pizza at Italian Pizzeria (3 slices today, I was starving!). Back to campus (all the while listening to the new Wilco on my iPod), dropped off a sandwich to ae, then back to work just a little late.



nuff said

from here.

I just can't help myself

Although I swore last year that I would stop buying tickets for Wilco everytime they are within a 3 state area, I regressed and bought ae and I tickets for their show in Charlotte in June.

Credit card was out before I knew what was happening. What is worse is that this will add to our already over booked and very busy June-July.

The kicker was that I have had a listen to the new album and I really like it and want to hear these songs live.