I had a very enjoyable lunch today. I parked at Davis Library, returned a book, then I headed for Carrboro, walking through campus to Peabody, then down Cameron/College Ave to the Carrboro bike path, which led me to Nested, where I was picking up a couple of Carrboro t-shirts, using the gift certificate pm gave me for my birthday.

I then walked over to the Army/Navy store on Main Street, because I wanted to purchase the game of JARTS I saw in the window the other night. WEEEELLLLL, it turns out JARTS have really gone up in price, with this current set costing $125.00 The owner told me that is what collectors are paying. Oh well. I wanted to surprise my father with these. We used to play these when I was a kid. They don't call me ol' 3 toes for nothing!

Then on to pizza at Italian Pizzeria (3 slices today, I was starving!). Back to campus (all the while listening to the new Wilco on my iPod), dropped off a sandwich to ae, then back to work just a little late.



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