not what I was expecting

last night, we were all set to go see The Host with Joe. We had to race across town (because somebody continues to keep her own schedule no matter what). After making record time to the theater, we found out that the film was not showing due to the fact that the Full Frame Festival had just started. You think they would have mentioned that on their friggin' website which I had checked before leaving work which led to making the plans in the first place. (Just to be clear, of course they mentioned the festival, but not that the other movies would not be showing that evening) The Carolina Theater's [contact us] site is down, so I can't complain directly. Last time we went there, the popcorn machine was busted. The time before, the film broke. What is up with that place!

so, instead we heading down the street to Rue Cler and had very tasty martinis and some dang good soup and salad. Joe wasn't very hungry so he settled for the 3 course, fixed $ menu. Oh, and dessert for all!



At 4/13/2007 1:14 PM , Anonymous arse poetica said...

Well, some people are working hard to bring home the bacon!



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